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Darina Palova and Dimitar Palov

a.k.a. L.Y.R.A

We are artists, lawyers, founders of The Old School art residency, herbalists, runners, yoga addicts, but most of all idealists and seekers. We have been organizing various art events since 2010. You can read more about us and our ideas on our website:


The reason for this conversation with Dimitar Palov and Darina Palova, organizers of The Old School art residency, is the exhibition entitled Ritual rEvolution, which may be seen between October 5 and October 15 2018 at The Laboratory Sofia. It is the most recent, up-to-date event in the timeline of The Old School art residency, but it also forms part of an overall concept, which commenced back in 2010. Let us begin at the very start in order to get to the present time at The Laboratory Sofia.