1. Date of activity

August 3-13, 2018


2. Important information

The number of the participating artists is up to 8(eight) foreign and Bulgarian artists.

The main languages of the residency will be English and Bulgarian. All of the materials given to the artists will be in both languages.

Costs for travelling to Gorna Lipnitsa and insurance /for foreign artists/ are paid by the participants. Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association does not provide per diems for the participants during the stay.


The residency provides: 

Food and accommodation for the participants;

Workspace – indoor workshops and a photo studio, open air space for work, film and concert salon;

Materials for work;

Written materials on the theme;

Free Wi-Fi;

Contact with the local community;

Organized transport during the residency /if needed/;

Letters of invitation and other support to help you raise additional funds;


Parallel program, connected with the theme of the residency;

Sightseeing in the region;

Media coverage of the event;

Certificate for participation;

Closing exhibition at the end of the residency;

Presentation of the participants and their works through an online exhibition.


3. Disciplines:

 3.1 Painting

Painting with acrylic paint and oil. Paints, canvases and other materials will be provided for each participant.

3.2 Performance

Artists could use two big empty rooms in the old building of the school and the whole territory of the village for their work.

3.3 Visual arts and installations

Artists will use their own technical devices. A computer for the edition of the materials will be provided as well as a multimedia projector.

3.4 Music

Subject of work is to create a musical work inspired by the theme of work and the place. Musicians will use their own musician instruments. The participating musicians will play in a concert during the residency.

3.5 Wall-painting

Artists will work in public spaces around the village – house facades and public buildings.

3.6 Photography

Artists will use their own cameras. An indoor photo studio with background and lighting will be made for indoor photos. A computer for picture edition will be provided.

3.7 Land art

Artists will work in public spaces around the village. Basic tools will be provided for each participant.

3.8 Short films

The subject of work is to create a short film, up to 20 min, inspired by the theme and the place, without any restriction for the genre. Artists will use their own technical devices.


The works, created during the residency, shall remain in Gorna Lipnitsa under the ownership of Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association.


4. Workplaces

Indoor rooms – workshops in the school, according to the profile and style of work of the guest artists.

Outdoor places – the yard of the school– century-old trees, tents, tables and chairs.

Theater/musical performances – The hall in community center “Zora”.


5. Accommodation

Guests houses, private homes of people from the village, sleeping places in the ex-kindergarten. The accommodation will be on the principle of hospitality. The sleeping places represent the typical village way of life in Gorna Lipnitsa.


6. Eating place

Dining room in the ex-kindergarten.


Typical breakfast for the village – mekitsi, banitsa, cheese pasty, milk, tea.

Lunch and Dinner

Local meals and specialties.